15 February, 2019


YASUNI NATIONAL PARK is located in the Napo and the Pastaza provinces and has the reputation of being the world’s most biologically diverse area.

Amphibian, bird, mammal and vascular plant species all reach their maximum level of diversity.

With a visit to this area you have a great opportunity to spot several species of monkeys, capybaras, tapirs, pumas, jaguars, parrots, boa constrictors, macaws, giant river otter and many more.

Local Quichua communities will be happily sharing with you their ancestral knowledge, dances and traditions.  



The Napo Wildlife Center is located about 2 and half hours down the Napo River on a small ridge at the edge of the lake Añangu.

You are offered all the comfort you need to enjoy the most biodiverse place in the world in either the 12 standard cabins or 4 luxury suites each fully equipped with hot water, ventilation, electricity and a balcony with the most incredible view of the surrounding rainforest and lake.

The Napo Wildlife Center promotes responsable and sustainable tourism and is being managed for a 100% by the Kichwa Añangu community.

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The Sacha Lodge is located within a 5000-acre private ecological reserve in front of Lake Pilchicocha, an excellent place for wildlife observation.

Guests are comfortably installed in one of the 26 cabins that were carefully designed with traditional materials and all equipped with private bathrooms, hot water, ceiling fans and a private terrace.

That offers you a great opportunity to observe toucans and monkeys right from your own cabin.

Once imagined the exploration of the jungle from the treetops, well here in Sacha Lodge.

You can climb the observation tower of 43 meters and 275 meters long on the catwalk for those unforgettable views.

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The Sani Lodge is 3 hours away from coca in a small stream called Challuayacu. You will be surprised by the biodiversity in this area, as it is located in 100,000 acres of virgin forest.

The 38 guests feel comfortable staying in 10 thatched huts and 4 private Sidez family cabins each with private bathrooms and electric lights going from ecologically friendly solar energy.

The Sani Lodge is flattened by its owners all the time so that the benefits remain in the community.

it is also guaranteed that all visitors have a true cultural experience with the people of the community.

Sani Lodge is the only lodging in this area that also offers a camping suite for the most adventurous travelers.

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The Napo Cultural Center is a perfect place for nature lovers with more than 980.000 hectares of pristine primary rainforest to explore. It is located about 2 hours downstream on the shores of the Napo River within the Añangu community.

The 40 guests are comfortably accommodated in one of the 12 cabins each with ventilation, electricity, private bathroom and private balcony.

with hammock which allows you to relax with the sound and sights of the jungle at the background.

With a stay in the Napo Cultural Center you will feel part of the Añangu community where you can learn every day from their customs, traditional dishes and ancestral knowledge of the jungle.

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