14 February, 2019


GALAPAGOS CRUISES is great way to explore the Galapagos Islands. Live the experience for many nature lovers with volcanic landscapes and a lot of endemic species of wildlife.

We have specially selected the best Galapagos cruises and we place them for you in the following categories.


The tourist class is popular with travelers who are looking for a more accessible way to explore the Galapagos Islands. The cabins are smaller than on the boats in the other categories and are provided with bunk beds. With the basic facilities on board, such as air conditioning, hot water and private bathroom.

Darwin Yacht

Floreana Yacht

Golondrina Yacht


Superior tourist class are the perfect choice for the traveler looking for a little wider space and comfort on board with a reasonable price. They provide you with the same tourist class facilities and sometimes offer a double bed or two single beds instead of bunk beds.

Daphne Yacht

Estrella del Mar Yacht

Fragata Yacht

Nemo I Sailing Catamaran

San Jose Yacht

Xavier Yacht


In the First Class Yachts are the perfect choice for the traveler looking for more cabin space and a higher level of comfort. Most of the yachts offer excellent facilities on board, some extras like a jacuzzi. On most yachts you will be provided with two beds or a double bed.

Anahi Catamaran

Archipell I Catamaran

Beagle Sailing Yacht

Galaxy Yacht

Millennium Yacht

Monserrat Yacht

Queen Beatriz Catamaran

Queen of Galapagos Catamaran

Santa Cruz II Expedition Ship

Treasure of Galapagos Catamaran


Luxury yachts are perfect for travelers seeking the highest level of service and comfort. In most of the yachts you will be provided with excellent facilities on board and the most spacious cabins, either with two single beds or a double bed

Cormorant Catamaran

Isabela II Expedition Ship

La Pinta Expedition Ship

Ocean Spray Catamaran

Experience Expedition Ship

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