26 June, 2019


AMAZONIA TOURS enjoy a unique experience exploring a jungle environment rich in biodiversity, full of adventure and culture. Enjoy the different tourist complexes that we put at your disposal for this new adventure.


The Cuyabeno Reserve is the second largest protected area in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. It is an important natural reserve with unusual ecological characteristics composed of several lakes, rivers and flooded forests. This Amazonia tours ideal for adventure.

The closest lake is Laguna Grande, which is the perfect place to take a refreshing swim, to enjoy the beautiful sunset or spot the rare pink river dolphins.

Being so diverse has the great opportunity to observe different species of monkeys, herons, blue and yellow macaws, hoatzins, sloths, alligators, anacondas and many tiny colored frogs.

This area is also home to the indigenous Siona, the largest ethnic group in the reserve. With the visit to this area you will be able to learn about their customs and traditions.


The Yasuni National Park is located in the Napo and the Pastaza provinces and has the reputation of being the world’s most biologically diverse area.

Amphibian, bird, mammal and vascular plant species all reach their maximum level of diversity. With a visit to this area you have a great opportunity to spot several species of monkeys, capybaras, tapirs, pumas, jaguars, parrots, boa constrictors, macaws, giant river otter and many more.

Local Quichua communities will be happily sharing with you their ancestral knowledge, dances and traditions.  


Tena is the capital of the province of Napo and famous for the jungle and surrounding rivers. It is the ideal place to enjoy an adventure in kayak, rafting or trip to the jungle and a perfect option for those looking for an experience in the jungle, since it is only 4 hours by car from Quito.

The cottages in this area offer great activities and wonderful scenery of the Napo River. During your stay you will notice biodiversity, holding a lot of flora and fauna such as birds, butterflies, fish, snakes and insects.

You also have the great opportunity to learn more about the customs and traditions of the Quichua Indians, who are located largely in this region.

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